The Lounge

Indulge in the warmth of wood which discretely conveys the coziness of Via Mina. The lounge serves refreshments and beverages while lodgers relax, watch television, read or await a meeting. Adjoining the reception area, the lounge reflects the warm yet inviting ambience of Via Mina. It is perfect for your pre-dinner refreshment or meeting with a friend. A haven of calm for a perfect cocktail away from the heat.

Le Bar

The design of the lounge is modern yet chic with colors that stimulate the senses. It is an intimate space where health-conscious lodgers and customers can socialize while enjoying a Cigar and soft drinks.
Have a suave experience while enjoying the delightfully courteous ambience.

Reading Area

A characterful reading area with a soothing décor, allowing you to loiter in there indefinitely with your favorite book.

La Terrace

Our outdoor pool and pergola located on the outside terrace offer a homey ‘coin' where customers/lodgers have a great escape during their busy day and enjoy a beverage, read a newspaper, or simply receive a guest. The terrace conveys a sanctuary-like ambience allowing lodgers to privately sip their morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Le Café

Le Café reflects the simple peculiarity of Via Mina. Our café serves a choice of healthy sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta and dessert. Lodgers and Customers can share a tranquil ambience while enjoying their meal and sipping on freshly made juices. Decorated with simple wooden chairs and tables, Le Café reflects a warm yet inviting space where lodgers and customers can enjoy their meal and pamper themselves with luscious desserts.

The Patio

The patio is the perfect place for those who love rich fall colors and a cold breeze in winter, as well as those who wish to escape the heat and relax under mature trees. The Green Area is the perfect place for family and friends who wish to indulge in an early breakfast, a morning coffee or an afternoon tea.







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