Classified by the Ministry of Tourism as a Historical Boutique Hotel, and envisioned as a ‘Home, away from Home', Via Mina is a boutique hotel which remarkably combines old and new in order to procure its lodgers with a comforting yet charming ambience allowing them to indulge in an exquisite experience. It is ideal for business travelers, tourists who wish to escape the complexity of accommodations, an escapade for honeymooners, and a getaway from the chaos of the city. Via Mina is a charming boutique hotel dating back to the 19th century, reflecting the peculiarity of the French colonial-style. The Boutique Hotel is equipped with homey comforts in refined splendor and unconventional charm that satisfy every lodger's needs. Via Mina echoes the right state of mind for a refined, meticulous yet smooth escape from daily stress.







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